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Upper nad Lower Jaw Bite Marks 43x43cm

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The details of most important bite marks on upper and lower jaw with occlusion compass general and for each quarter. Our study model number 5.1 One half of the model represents basic shapes other half has all details as well. Both halfs teaching us the natural harmony of beauty and functions.


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Category: Pictures
Weight: 1.5 kg
size: 43 x 43 X 2 cm
frame: Oak
front glass: PMMA Plexiglass Optical HC
back glass: PMMA clear

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Educational Decoration The combination of decoration and graphic data and daily practice guidelines seems like a good idea. Every professional sometimes needs to look at the anatomy of shapes, details of functions, bite marks and so on. The operations manager can use our pictures to standardise some of the procedures and results for his team. Or for communicating with the team and the patients.

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Design Our custom-designed and locally specially made frames make the picture stand out while simultaneously blending harmoniously into any environment. Our own frames combine natural materials and thoughtful design.

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Frames All the paintings have a frame of massive oak. Oak wood is the highest quality natural material from local sources - it doesn't have to be imported halfway around the world. The oak massif stands out for its beautiful colour and drawing as well as its exceptional firmness. In addition, the oak frame is treated with a transparent water based varnish.

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Printing High-end printing is the basis for a good impression and displaying full colors of photographs and even the smallest details of the graphic. We print everything on quality paper at professional printers for photographers. Our own printer has 12 primary colors from which it blends beautiful hues. The built-in scanner checks quality during printing and any imperfections are immediately compensated by the printer.

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Acceptance Earth's Shared Responsibility for Nature From each framed picture, we will send 500CZK to one of the selected and tested afforestation and restoration projects for damaged forests in Europe. Buying each painting will help plant trees that will grow into the bush from now on.

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Glass We always use the best option for a given picture. Most often, the printout on paper is protected by anti-reflective glass, or UV-resistant and sometimes anti-rexlex high-quality PMMA. This has an advantage in weight reduction and greater mechanical resistance to transport and handling.

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Packaging We love nature, so we've invested time and money into really eco-friendly packaging. The picture in the frame comes carefully wrapped in fully compostable bubble foil and a special cardboard box. Even duct tape is just paper with natural glue. And of course you get an invoice - on recycled paper.

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Wall-mounting The paintings from us weigh 1.5 to 3kg. For safe and easy hanging, we will also provide you with a mortar and a screw suitable for all common types of masonry, such as gypsum, concrete, or a brick wall. All you need is a criss-cross screwdriver and a drill with a drill into a given masonry of normal 6mm diameter. The suspension is made so that the picture is always securely in place.

Ordering, Payment, Transport Choose an picture, or series of pictures, as you wish, and proceed in the normal way to the shopping cart. Registering will make your purchase easier. Once paid, the pictures will be printed and planted in frames, and the following day we send them carefully packed to the address you have given us. Just bear in mind that custom-made paintings and pictures can't be returned later.

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You Want a Comprehensive Collection of Pictures? The paintings are in several design series from different lecturers. We recommend combining by topic of interest. The oak frame and precision processing all combine. See more here:

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